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Chess Club

The Chess Club enjoy their lessons in the Infants’ School Garden on a sunny afternoon.

Green Schools Ireland Awarding Ceremony for our Biodiversity Flag!

Everyone in the Central Model Infants’ School was so thrilled to learn that we had been awarded our fifth Green Flag – this time for Biodiversity. Ms. Rafferty, Helen, Amirlan and Aleksandra traveled to the Helix in D.C.U. for a very special ceremony and to accept our flag. We had a wonderful time and we came away feeling even more determined and committed to protecting and sustaining our natural environment both locally and globally.

We would like to thank and congratulate all of the staff, pupils and parents who put so much time and effort into earning this Biodiversity flag; especially our Green Schools Committee members:

Room 5: Lucy Molloy + Bassim Khan
Room 4: Ruby Hand + Alicia Tabara
Room 3: Aleksandra + Vagish
Room 2: Sofia + Chereena
Room 1: Mia + Sean
Treehouse: Amirlan + Yu Ying
Room 8: Lily
Room 7: Grace
Room 6: Mario

And of course our Green-Schools teachers for all their hard work: Helen, Ms. McNamara, Ms. Lyons and Ms. Beakey.

You are all Super Green Human Beings and should be very proud!!!

Many Thanks,

Ms. Rafferty.


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