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Be Active ASAP Club – Term 1

Be Active ASAP Club had a very busy first term. We were working alongside students from Larkin Community College. The Larkin students taught us many new skills and we had a lot of fun. During term 1 we focused on games and gymnastics. Some of the new skills we learned were: 

  • throwing and catching large and small balls. 
  • dribbling the ball
  • hurling and hockey 
  • a pencil roll
  • a sausage roll
  • a forward roll
  • how to travel and move in different ways (run, jog, skip, hop, jump, etc) 
  • moving in different directions
  • moving at different heights and speeds





We are looking forward to starting back in February when we will be focusing on learning some new dance skills. 

Mad about Skipping

Our school’s active challenge for term 1 was to hop, skip and learn some skipping rhymes. Each class learned a new skipping rhyme and some different types of skips and showed off their skills to the whole school today. There is lots of skipping talent in CMIS! The teachers were amazed at how much the children had improved in a few weeks. It is great to see lots of children skipping in the skipping zone at yard time and to hear lots of children are skipping at home. Well done! I wonder what our next challenge will be??

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