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Active Schools Update

The Active Schools Committee have met twice this term to talk about how well our yoga went in term 2 and to decide on our goals for term 3. The children reported back on how yoga went in their classroom. They said it was fun, easy and made them feel fit, stronger and relaxed with some classes reporting they did yoga every day, some reporting they did it as part of P.E. and others doing yoga once a week.

We then chatted about our goals for term 3. We decided to focus on improving our running skills. We want each class to start running every day to increase our stamina and fitness. Junior infants are going to start by running 1 lap daily, senior infants will run 2 laps daily and first class will run 3 laps daily. We hope to increase our distance every week to prepare ourselves for race day in Mountjoy Square in June.

Some of our Playground Leaders measured our 100m distance for our lap around the yard. We will record how many laps we have done on our Central Model Infants’ School 9 Peaks challenge sheet in each classroom. If each class completes the challenge they will have run 9000m. If the whole school completes the challenge we will have run 81000m which is 81 kilometres!



Active Schools Committee Meeting 21/02/2018

The Active Schools Committee had their first meeting of 2018 today. The Committee discussed how the classes had kept active during Christmas time. Classes used GoNoodle, the climbing frame, skipping in yard and games in the classroom to keep fit when the hall was being used. All the children on the committee thought that “The 12 days of Fitness” activities were a great success.
Ms. O’Connor and the Committee talked about what area we could focus on for fitness in the coming weeks. The school have applied to the Croke Park Fund for some new basketball hoops and balls but it will be later in the year before we know if we will be successful in our application. In the meantime, Ms O’Connor and the Committee thought it would be a good idea to focus on building our flexibility and strength as this will help us greatly playing football and basketball.
Several members of the Committee remembering doing yoga stories in preschool and said they loved it. Other members of the Committee said that their Mums do yoga and they knew a little bit about it. We discussed how yoga can be peaceful and calming. Yoga can make your muscles strong and help you be very flexible. The Committee thought it would be a great idea to focus on yoga for our whole school focus this term. Ms. O’Connor will email some yoga videos to each teacher and told the committee to let the teachers know that Maximo does lots of yoga on GoNoodle. The Committee will also give their teachers a poster with some yoga poses to try out. The display board outside Room 2 has also been updated with lots of information about yoga.
At the end of our meeting Ms.O’Connor and the Committee tried out some cool yoga moves. We made yoga poses relating to ‘Spring in the garden’. We were in poses like seeds, trees, sun and the rain. Some of them were tricky! The Committee will demonstrate some poses at assembly on Friday.
Each committee member will report back to their class. Well done to all on the committee for a very successful first meeting of 2018!

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