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First Class Trip to the Botanic Gardens

First class went on a lovely trip to the Botanic Gardens last week to continue their learning about biodiversity, bees and pollination. It was a perfect, sunny Spring morning for our lovely tour guides, Kieran and Charlotte to take us on a tour of the gardens. We saw many different and unusual trees and plants, such as; strawberry trees, magnolia, eucalyptus, bamboo, mistletoe; and in the fabulous greenhouses we even saw some banana trees. Back outside we took a trip to an authentic Viking house and learned a  lot about how the Vikings lived.

  • Their houses were made from three different trees; hazel, ash and oak.
  • They ate a lot of bread; something which they traded with farmers for.
  • They used madder, woad and weld plants (native Scandinavian plants which they brought with them to Ireland) to dye their clothes.
  • The special thatched roof on their house means that they didn’t need a chimney, the smoke just left through the thatch.

We continued on to see the apiary or bee house of the garden. They have three different bee houses and even though it was a little cold we saw quite a few bees leaving and returning to their hives. First class were able to tell our guides lots of the new facts they have been learning about bees over the past few weeks!

We finished our trip with a picnic and some exploring of the sensory gardens. It was a wonderful day out for all the teachers and pupils involved, a special thanks to Ms. Rushe for organising such a wonderful day out for u

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