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Water Wise in the garden

Water is an important resource and it is all too easy for us to take it for granted. Although water appears to be plentiful, such as in the oceans around us, fresh water that we can use is becoming an increasingly scarce resource across the world.

Water is essential to our health and the environment. Life could not evolve or exist without it, for example plants need it to grow, flower and fruit.

Being a gardener means being aware of the resources we use in the garden and this includes water.

Using it responsibly- conserving, recycling, harvesting and storing it are important steps we can take to help save water.

Here are some ways we can help to save water in the garden-

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water is usually of good quality and clean making it quite suitable for all types of plants in the garden. It can easily be harvested from roof tops through the gutters and downpipes- from which it can be diverted into storage containers until it is needed.

There are two water butts in the garden where we store the rain water that we harvest.

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