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Houses in Room 1

When we read the story of The Three Little Pigs a lot of questions were raised in Room 1 – so we launched a few investigations to try and learn more about the world around us. Firstly, inspired by the Pigs’ houses, we explored some materials that we experience every day. We handled them and grouped them based on what they are made from. We discussed and listed their functions and properties – although we had a tricky realisation when we noticed that both glass and plastic can be see-through!

Next, we discussed the features of each of the houses in The Three Little Pigs story. During Aistear we de-constructed and re-constructed them – and in the absence of making real houses we had a (yummy!) try making structures out of crackers and chocolate spread!

We went on to design our own buildings in drawing and collage – and it appears that we may have some budding architects in Room 1!

We even thought about inside houses and the materials that are used. We created some wonderful illustrations using oil pastels and collage. We analysed Vincent vanGogh’s Yellow Bedroom and made our own responses – we may also have some interior designers in our midst!


Finally, we looked at homes from the past and focussed on a painting by William Frederick Burton for our inquiry. This painting is set inside a small cottage in Connemara in County Galway in the 1840s – look at all the differences we noticed between homes today and homes 150 years ago!

Until next time, 

Ms. MacDonagh and Room 1.

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