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Food in Room 1

We have been exploring food recently and focussing on food that grows in the ground. We learned about how plants can grow from just a tiny seed and grew our own cress in the classroom – we kept a diary each day as we watered them and monitored their growth. It was amazing how quickly and tall they grew…unfortunately, we learned a tough lesson about taking care of plants and the importance of watering them each day – because when we were not in school, they wilted!

As well as this, we have also been having some super art experiences around the theme of food. We experimented with (messy!) mark making and printing using vegetables like celery stalks, potatoes and corn on the cob!

We made some oil pastel drawings after works by Cezanne, who we discovered loved painting pictures of apples – we especially loved all the different shades of colour he used in his images.


At the moment we’re keeping an eye on the potatoes that Helen brought us and waiting for them to sprout because we’re REALLY looking forward to planting them in the garden!


Ms. MacDonagh and Room 1

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