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Room 3’s Trip to the Natural History Museum

We were so excited to travel by Luas to the Natural History Museum last Wednesday, to go on their Teddy Bear Tour. On our tour we learned all about the differences between teddies, animals and stuffed animals!

  • We found out about lots of different animals and where they live in the world
  • We learned about what parts of a stuffed animal are real and what parts are fake
  • We were each given a teddy bear and we compared these teddy bears to a real bear and all the other animals on display
  • Geri our tour guide also treated us to all the secret stories behind the animals on display at the Museum

After we finished our wonderful tour, we enjoyed a picnic and some playground fun in the beautiful, sunny surroundings of Merrion Square Park.

We are already excited to return to the Natural History Museum – what a fantastic (and free) way to spend a day full of learning!


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