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Welcome to the school garden page!

Thanks to the hard work of the staff  and children the Central Model Infants’ School has an amazing garden that keeps growing and changing with the seasons, an outdoor classroom that is an exciting place for children to learn.

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My name is Helen and  I get lots of help from the children to take care of our garden.

So much has been happening in the garden. We saved some Nigella and Sunflower Seeds and we are looking forward to enjoying the flowers which are about to bloom.

Click here to see some more pictures of the garden

bird                      worms07          animated seeds

Our Feathered Friends            Mini-beasts            Saving  Seeds
planting 2                    save water       animated-happy-harvest-image-0004
       Planting                               Water Wise                Harvesting
biodiversity             welcome bloom
Biodiversity                              Blooms


Click on the rabbit to enter the garden and see what has been happening

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