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History of our School

Our school is over 150 years old.   Read about the history of our school here.


Tyrone House, Marlborough Street was bought by the government for £7,000 and became the Department of Education.


 The Central Model School was built with an entrance on Deverell Place (off Gardiner Street).  Trainee teachers were trained in the Central Model School from 1859 onwards.


 In the early 1900s Irish Teacher Training colleges established.  The Central Model School was no longer used to train teachers and became an ordinary national school.


The school was destroyed by fire and the teachers and pupils were moved onto prefabricated classrooms located within the school grounds.


Architects drawings were prepared and the builders began to reconstruct the school building (exactly as it was before the fire)


The work was completed.  The teachers and pupils moved into a modern comfortable building.

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