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Animals in Room 1

Following our trip to the Natural History Museum we have been doing a lot of thinking and learning about animals. We analysed animals’ characteristic features and read Julia Donaldson’s ‘Monkey Puzzle’ which we thought was a funny story! We labelled diagrams of animals and sorted them based on the number of legs they have.


We made some stencil sponge printing of animals as well as hand print lions, monkeys and elephants!



After thinking about how dinosaurs are extinct, we learned about some endangered animals and reflected on how we can reduce our impact on the world by taking care of our environment. After some inquiry into threats faced by tigers and sea turtles, we wrote reports and made our own paper turtles!


In Aistear, we have been caring for sick animals in our vet surgery, creating habitats and making Play-Doh creatures.

Rinnemar píosa scríobhneoireacht faoin ainmhithe éagsúla freisin – is Gaelgeoirí iontach muid!  Chomh maith, bhíomar ag léamh an scéal ‘An Lacha Gránna’, agus rinnemar pictiúr den sicín ildaite le foirc sa chlós!


Be Active ASAP Club- Term 3

Be Active ASAP Club had their final session this week. All year we have been focusing on improving our fitness and skills while having fun with our friends. We spent term 3 working out outdoor and adventure skills and athletics. We really enjoyed the focus on jumping, running, throwing, catching and learning to work together as a team. We were very lucky to have helpers from Larkin Community College and some parents also who helped us learn some new skills and with our activities. Thank you to everyone who helped out throughout the year!

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