First Class Activities Week 2

Dear Parents/Guardians, The First Class teaching team has put together some suggested activities for the children of first class over the next week. We hope the children find them engaging and fun. Keep safe and take care.
First Class Activities Week 2

Hi First Class,

We hope you enjoyed doing some of the activities we sent you last week! Thank you to the children who have sent us photos of their work. We will post them here soon. We would love to see some more photos of your work so keep sending them to us.

The Easter holidays are coming soon and although the new rules mean we can only be with the people who live with us for a little while, take this time to relax, play games, read books and have fun with your families!

We miss you all and can’t wait to get back to school again. If you would like to send a message to your friends and teachers via email or attach a picture, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Easter to you all! Ms Bennett has sent you a postcard


Remember to be "Germ Smart"

Keep safe and take care,

Ms Beakey, Ms Bennett, Ms Coghlan, Ms Dunphy, Ms Gibbons, Ms King

Free resources available on Twinkl. If you have not already done so go to and sign up using the code IRLTWINKLHELPS. Get access to stories, games, lessons and printables.

Take a break: Listen to a story at are lots of stories to choose from. We love Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Learn a new skill: We all know how to do the STAR pose and the TREE pose. Learn some new yoga poses at Cosmic Kids Yoga

Learn about our President Michael D. Higgins

Wednesday 1st April
  • Have a go at Alien Addition.


  • Write your news in your copy and draw a picture.
  • Write the alphabet in your copy. Remember there are small letters, tall letters and letters with tales.

(See the alphabet strip attached)

  • Eipeasóid 1 (episode 1) of 10@10 sure to click on Gaeilge

  • Act out the following:

Ag ithe (eating)

Ag ól (drinking)

Ag gáire (laughing)

Ag canadh (singing)

Ag damhsa (dancing)

“Tá mé ag……”

Can you think of any more?

  • Tarraing pictiúr agus scríobh an abairt (Draw a picture and write the sentence "Tá mé ag _____")
  • Enjoy the attached All About Spring presentation
  • Look out your window. Draw 3 signs of Spring you see, maybe buds growing on the trees or flowers blooming.
  • Let’s try Jump, Squat, Turn Around today


Mama Cass Elliot - ‘Make Your Own Kind Of Music’ with Lyrics

  • Tune into RTE 1 at 11am Monday to Friday or online at watch RTE Homeschool.

Thursday 2nd April

  • Can you figure out the word problem? Remember the best way to do this is draw it!

The Easter bunny has 19 eggs in his basket. 5 fall out. He finds another 3. How many eggs are in his basket now?

  • In your copy make a symmetrical Easter Egg.

Remember: Symmetry is when an object looks the exact same on one side as the other.

  • Try Jet Ski Addition today

  • Put the caterpillar back together again by ordering the numbers.

  • Try some of these spelling games

  • Rhyming is Fun. Try these rhyming games

  • Can you read and answer the questions on: ‘The Life Cycle of the Butterfly’. The file is attached.
  • Eipeasóid 2 (episode 2) of 10@10
  • Ask these questions: (you can do this with your family members or play a game with your toys)
  1. Dia dhuit. (Hello)
  2. Cad is ainm duit? (What is your name?)
  3. Conas atá tú? (How are you?)
  4. Cén saghas lae é? (What kind of day is it?)
  5. Cad atá ort? (What are you wearing?)
  • Can you think of any more?

Draw a spring picture and write two things you have learned about Spring. You can use the attached writing frame or decorate your own.

  • Dabbledoo Music: Go to resources and listen to the sounds the Front Door makes in Level 1.

Activities Practise your Coding at

Friday 27th March

The Easter Break starts today. Take time to relax, read a book, play games and have fun with your families.

Can you draw a chick using 2d shapes? Cut and paste the shapes in the attached file to make a chick.

Download Attachments

First Class Activities.pdf

Life Cycle of the Butterfly.pdf

Alphabet Strip.pdf

All about Spring.pdf

2D Shapes - Chick.pdf

Spring Writing Frame.pdf

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