Happy Easter Junior Infants!

Happy Easter Junior Infants!
Happy Easter Junior Infants!

Happy Easter Junior Infants!

Today is the start of our Easter holidays. Although it feels strange to have a break, remember to take time away from the busy work you have all been doing and enjoy time with your families.

We are so sad to be missing our Easter hunt around our school this year. Maybe you could have an Easter hunt at home if you would like? Hide some clues around your home and see can you find them!

Here we have examples of what you could do! (Click on the blue links at the bottom)

1. QR Easter Egg Hunt- Parents, cut out the eggs in the attached PDF and hide them around your home. Your child hunts for the Easter egg, uses your camera phone or device camera to scan the QR code and a YouTube video opens with a clue to a shape. Your child guesses the shape from the clue and finds the next egg!

2. The second one has clues you could hide in places around your home, write them out if you don’t have a printer!

Our next week of learning will be available to start on Monday April 20th. Until then keep reading, chatting, moving, playing and caring over the coming weeks.

We wish you all the best and have a Happy and Healthy Easter! cool

Take care and stay safe,

The Junior Infants' Team

Ms. Brophy, Ms. Byrne, Ms. Lyons, Ms. O’Connell, Ms. McNamara & Ms. Wimsey

**Please ensure children are supervised during their use of Digital Technology and when accessing the internet. Try, where possible, to limit your child’s screen-time and avail of the suggested activities and resources.

Easter egg QR code games.pdf

Easter Egg Hunt Instructions.JPG

Easter Egg Hunt Clues.JPG

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