Room 7: Broc the Badger

Broc the Badger says Hello!
Room 7: Broc the Badger

Hello to all the girls and boys in Room 7!

My name is Broc the Badger and I am Cilla the Gorillas friend! I have asked Ms Byrne to take some pictures of me during the day so I can show you what I am doing everyday. We have been very busy and I have been doing some work with Ms Byrne today, she told me that you are doing the same work as me!

Today we read The Little Red Hen and then we watched a video to see how bread was made. It looked so yummy that my tummy started to rumble. I asked Ms Byrne if she had any flour in kitchen and she said yes, so we made some bread! We baked it in the oven and when it was done, I ate some of it. It was delicious! Can you see all the crumbs on my plate? I have to go now but come back an visit me soon!

Broc the Badger🦡

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