Room 7: Broc the Badger

Broc the Badger Day 3
Room 7: Broc the Badger

Hello everybody!

Wow, I have had so many people come to visit me and see what I am doing everyday! I love that you come to visit me everyday! Are you having fun with the activities that you are doing at home? I know I am!

I woke up this morning and had some yummy porridge. Cilla likes to put bananas in her porridge but I prefer to put some honey in mine! What do you like to eat your porridge with? I am so glad I ate up all my porridge, Ms Byrne has lots of work for me to do today so I need my tummy to be happy!

After my porridge, Ms Byrne thought it would be fun to weigh some things in her kitchen. She asked me what I would like to weigh! I heard that you all got to measure rice and pasta in school and I asked Ms Byrne if I could do the same! Whoops, I dropped a lot of rice on the floor! It was so much fun though. Before we put the rice and pasta away, Ms Byrne asked me to help her count the pasta. Could you help me count?

When we finished weighing and counting, I looked at some sight words! Ms Byrne would call out a word and I had to find it. What a fun game! Ms Byrne told me that you are are fantastic at reading and finding your sight words!

Before I say goodbye, I wanted to show you the Spring garden that I drew. I was trying to imagine what the garden in your school looks like. Does it have flowers like this? Maybe some day I can visit you in school!

I have to go now, me and Ms Byrne are going to read a book but come back and see me tomorrow!

Broc the Badger 🦡

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