Teddy Bear Hospital - Junior Infants

Teddy Bear Hospital - Junior Infants

We were all Teddy doctors in Junior Infants today! Trinity College Medical students came to visit our school and set up a Teddy Bear hospital. We worked in surgery and operated on Teddy. We learned about the “5 moments of hand hygiene” which is the method used in hospitals by the HSE. We discussed the importance of scrubbing in before surgery. We looked at our bones in the anatomy station. At the vaccine station we talked about how our immune system works and gave Teddy a needle-less injection. In physiotherapy we saw the importance of exercise, did some stretches and learned about our muscles. Finally we gave Teddy CPR to revive him! We all want to be real doctors when we grow up.

Thanks to Trinity College Dublin and all the fabulous medical students who helped us today.

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It has been a long time since we had assembly in our School Hall. We are delighted to be back!
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