First Class Maths Work

Send us photos of your Maths work and we will post it here.
First Class Maths Work

Crack the code

Kylen and Peeyush cracked the code

Crack the code 2 Kylen.jpgcode peeyush.jpeg

Challenge q maths Emeline.jpgIMG_5633.jpg

Belle is like a super adding machine!

Shape and Space

map (1).jpg

Tens and Units

Kylen used his pencils to show his tens and units work.

Kylen Maths TandU.jpgKylen Maths T and U.jpg

Belle has been hard at work building her numbers

belle maths.jpg

Dakota 10s and units.jpg

Peeyush, Dakota and Kylen have been doing great work on his 100 Square!

100 square work Dakota (1).jpg

Peeyush Maths 100.jpeg

Kylen Maths 100 square (1).jpg

Peeyush has thought of a clever way to build his numbers.

Maths Peeyush.jpegMaths Peeyush 2.jpeg

Challenge Question

If I have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for 1 week, how many meals will I have in a week?

Peeyush shows how he solved the problem. Well done!

 Maths CQ Peeyush.jpeg

Number Bonds

flower Peeyush.png

flower. Dakota (1).jpg

Belle flower (1).jpg

2-D Shapes

2d hospital khaled.jpg

Ayshegyul 2d shapes (1).jpgChildren's Hospital Peeyush.jpeg

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