Junior Infant Home Learning 22nd-24th June

Junior Infant Home Learning 22nd-24th June

Hello boys and girls!

We can't believe that the school year is almost over and that this is the final home learning plan we are sending you while you are in Junior Infants!

It has been an absolute pleasure having each and every one of you in our classes. You have brought so much joy, happiness and laughter to Central Model Infants' School and we feel incredibly lucky to have been your teachers for your first year in our school.

Ms McNamara is very busy putting together something amazing that we know you and your families will really, really love.... Keep an eye on the website on Monday!!!

We are so proud of you all, Junior Infants. You have worked so hard throughout the year, you have made many friends and, most importantly, you've had a lot of fun along the way...and so have your teachers! You are more than ready for the challenge of Senior Infants. We hope you have met your new teachers on Seesaw - they are so excited to teach you next year, they know how wonderful you all are!

Enjoy a well-deserved break over the Summer. Keep busy and active, be kind to your family and friends, get outside for fresh air and have fun.

Remember: Stay safe and wash your hands!

Bainigí taitneamh as na laethanta saoire! (Enjoy the holidays!)

Finally, we just want to say....

Junior Infants in Rooms 6, 7 and 8,

What can we say....

We have really, really enjoyed

Your laughter, fun and play!

We feel really lucky

That you chose to come to this school

Because boys and girls like you

Make Central Model Infants' School very cool!

School trips, playing and learning galore,

It's been a busy year,

The memories we've made with you over the months

Brings, to our eyes, a happy tear!

So, farewell, Junior Infants of 2019/2020,

Have a lovely Summer break!

We'll see you back in CMIS

And more beautiful memories you will make!

Keep safe and take care,

The Junior Infants' Team

Ms. Brophy, Ms. Byrne, Ms. Lyons, Ms. O’Connell, Ms. McNamara & Ms. Wimsey

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