Math Challenges

Get your thinking caps on and try to solve the challenge questions this month. Show us how you solved the problem.
Math Challenges

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Kylen has fun learning about capacity!

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Challenge Question 1

Joe and Maria played Snap. Joe played 3 more games than Maria. If they play 11 games in total between them, how many games did they each play?

  • This is how Peeyush solved the problem.

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Challenge Question 2

Ann baked two cakes. The Spider-Man cake is in the shape of a cuboid. The Superman cake is in the shape of a cube. How many corners did the two cakes have?

  • Srna and Peeyush drew a picture to help her solve this challenge question.

Challenge q. shape Srna.JPG

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Challenge Question 3

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Create and write out a magic recipe, then make it!

We would love to see photos of it.

Challenge Question4Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 20.26.23.png

Ben practises piano every day for half an hour. For how many hours does he practise altogether in 4 days.

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