Ready for School

Ready for School

Hi All,

We are so looking forward to welcoming back all of our returning pupils and to meeting our new Junior Infant families back in school in the coming weeks. Before then, here is a very useful page with lots of helpful tips and guidance for preparing your child for beginning/returning to school.

  • encourage and practise independent dressing. Let children dress themselves and put on their own shoes and coat;

  • encourage and practise independent eating. Seek help with setting out place setting and cutlery and encourage children to clean up when finished eating. Children should pour their own drinks and butter their own toast and so on;

  • encourage and practise toileting. Children should use the toilet independently where possible where they use the loo, flush and wash and dry their hands;

  • try not to do any task the child can do for themselves even if it takes a bit of time;

  • encourage them to help you with jobs around the home. Good jobs for 4 and 5 year olds include: straightening out their bed in the morning, getting themselves dressed and teeth brushed, using the shower independently, clearing off the table after a meal, putting their clothes in a laundry basket and bringing their washing to the washing machine, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, clearing up toys when they are finished playing and helping outside;

  • all children develop at a different pace. Talk to them about what you are working on together. Let them make the choices and practice the skills they want to work on.

You can read the rest of this document at this link:

Ready for School Doc

We look forward to seeing you back in our school very soon.

Take Care smile

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