Room 7: Broc the Badger

Happy Easter from Broc!
Room 7: Broc the Badger

Hello again!

Happy Friday to all the girls and boys and to their families too!
It has been such a busy week and I have really enjoyed doing all the lovely work that you have been doing too!

This morning I did my 10@10 as Gaeilge! It was so much fun. My favourite thing to do is run on the spot and jumping jacks! What’s your favourite exercise to do during 10@10?

After we finished our 10@10 we did some maths! I love to pop balloons so I knew this game would be my favourite! I loved trying to catch the balloon with the pin and then wait to see if I found the right number! Ms Byrne has told me that you are all brilliant at counting and showing your teachers the right numbers! Maybe because it is almost Easter, you could use your bunny ears to show me what age you are🐰

The last thing I did today was some yoga. I love doing yoga because it makes me feel happy and I love to stretch my paws out! Guess what? Ms Byrne decided to do Mr Hoppit the Hares yoga too! She helped me roll out our yoga mat and showed me how to start the yoga by saying namaste. She says that she misses you all very much but she is so impressed with how hard you are working at home and she can’t wait to bring me into Room 7!

We are going to go for a small walk now, just beside our house, but I wanted to say have a lovely Easter! Come back and visit me next week when I show you some of the activities I like to do when I’m not doing school work!

Broc the Badger 🦡

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