Room 7

Room 7 try Ms Coghlan's homemade jam!!
Room 7

We were so lucky to have had such a great trip to Malahide Castle! But it made was even better when we tried some blackberries while we were exploring the forest. Ms Coghlan very kindly picked three bags worth of blackberries. When she went home that night she made some yummy jam for each class to try! Here we are making some toast and trying some jam too. It was delicious!

Oct 16
Parents walk and talk club - Chester Beatty, grounds of Dublin Castle and City Hall
Oct 18
160th Birthday Celebration
Oct 22
SkipnRope Workshop
Oct 23
Parents walk and talk club - Marsh's library where Bram Stoker author of Dracula did much of his research
Room 7's trip to Malahide Castle!
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