Welcome to First Class' Art Gallery

Congratulations to Milda who won a local art competition with her poster "I hope that there is no virus on Mars". Come inside and see her poster and lots more Art by First Class.
Welcome to First Class' Art Gallery

Congratulations to Milda who won a local art competition with her poster above. We think it is Fantastic!! Well done Milda!

Come inside and see the wonderful work done by our pupils while they are at home. If you would like to add to our gallery, email us a photo of your art, writing, math work, exercise or anything you would like to share with us.

Emeline wacky picture.jpg Milda Wacky picture.jpg

Milda's Self-portrait

Milda Self-Portrait.jpgMilda's Flowers

Milda Flowers.jpg

Hamda leaf art.jpg

Hamda's Leaf Art

Self portrait Kylen.jpg

peeyush self portrait.jpeg

African Mask Kylen (1).jpg

African Mask Peeyush.jpg

Srna and Peeyush had a go at making some slime

slime 1 srna.JPG

slime 2 srna.JPG

Peeyush slime.jpegpeeyush slime 2.jpeg

Elephant Sketch Kylen (1).jpgCheetah Kylen (1).jpg

Dakota constructed a Solar System

Dakota Solar System.jpg

Dot Pattern Art by Kylen and Peeyush

Dot Art Kylen.jpgDot Art Peeyush (1).jpeg
Emeline art boat.png

IMG_5636.jpgBelle's painting was inspired by aboriginal art. It is really beautiful!

Dakota Coral Reef (1).jpg

Endangered Animals

Srna Kaola.JPG

Peeyush Art.jpg

Bird's best art (1).jpg

Dakota drew this beautiful picture of the school. Tom and Orla, our Lollipop Man and Lady are ready and waiting to welcome us back and help us cross the busy street. Dakota remembered to include our bunting flags that were raised to celebrate the school's 160 years birthday last year.

Dakota School Poster (1).jpg

Peeyush Lion Art.jpgKylen Art Dog.jpg

Dakota Sloth (1).jpgPeeyush penguins.jpg

Srna's people who help us.jpg

flag Srna.jpgHieroglyphics dakota (1).jpg

We love Belle's picture of all the people who help us in the community.

belle pic.jpg

life cycle Mokshada.jpg

Dakota (1).jpg

peter and paul khaled.jpg

Kylen (1).jpg

dog portrait Peeyush.jpgSrna dog.JPG

Junk Art Dakota (1).jpgPeter and Paul.JPG

empathy (1).jpg

IMG_3448.jpghamda 1.JPG

Belle Emotions (2).jpg

Kylen 4 seasons (1).jpg

mithil collage.jpg

Kylen Symmetrical bunny (1).jpg

Sharvina chick (1).jpg

Ayshegyul bunny (3).jpg

mithil bird (2) (1).jpg

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Life Cycle of a Butterfly (1).png

Aoibhinn Easter.jpg

khaled butterlfy.jpgPeeyush Butterfly Symmetry.jpg

jude butterfly life cycle.jpg

kylen butterfly (1).jpgSrna Butterfly.jpg

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While our school was closed the children of first class did some amazing work at home. Come in to see all of the imaginative and creative work they shared with us.
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