Active Schools Week

Last week we celebrated Active Schools Week in our school!
Active Schools Week
Our annual ActiveSchools Week took place last week, June 10th-14th. We set ourselves a goal of being active for at least 60 minutes a day. The ActiveSchools Committee planned lots of fun activities to help us achieve this goal and learn some new skills.
We launched our Active Week with our 'Walk a Mile with a Smile'. We invited our parents and friends to walk with us through our local community and proudly displayed our ActiveSchools Flag.
After our walk we spent the rest of the day trying lots of different activities and learning new skills like throwing, skipping, playing football, G.A.A., basketball, climbing and building as a team.
On our second day we worked on our gymnastics skills and tried out some cool equipment to help us roll, jump, land, balance and make shapes with our bodies.
We were very disappointed with the rainy weather on day 3 of Active Week but we kept active in our classrooms by doing yoga, dance and Gonoodle.
On day 4 of Active Week we worked on our dancing skills. We were moving like different animals such as bears, rabbits, penguins, lions and birds.
We finished off our Active Week by working as a team on some Outdoor and Adventure Activities. We worked together to build hula huts, complete the obstacle course, hunt for clues in our scavenger hunt and playing parachute games.
We would like to say a big well done to everyone for reaching their 60 minute goal each day and thank you to all the parents who came with us on our walk and also helped us complete our Active homework. We hope everyone enjoyed learning all their news skills and keeps working on their fitness over the summer holidays!
We look forward to getting active again in September for European Week of Sport.
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We are having so much fun in Junior Infants, learning about ocean creatures. Have a look at our video.
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