Dear Parents and Guardians, We are continuing with our theme of Summer. The First Class Teaching Team have prepared special activities for the children.
Come in to see all of the work done at home by our amazing first class children in June.
Send in your recipes and pictures and we will share them here.
See the awesome adjectives work the children are doing at home.
Dear Parents and Guardians, Our home learning theme for June is Summer. The First Class Teaching Team have put together a plan of activities.
Get your thinking caps on and try to solve the challenge questions this month. Show us how you solved the problem.
Come inside to see our leaf art, our sunflowers and much more art by the first class children.
Come inside, stay a while and read our News, Letters, Stories, Poems and lots more....
We have been learning about Starfish. Come and see some of our reports
Congratulations to Milda who won a local art competition with her poster "I hope that there is no virus on Mars". Come inside and see her poster and lots more Art by First Class.
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Lego Challenge. We looked forward to seeing your photos of the amazing structures and inventions every week. To everyone who took part, your certificate is on the way. Well done.
Dear Parents and Gaurdians, We are continuing with our theme "Planet Earth and Taking Care of the Environment". The First Class Teaching Team have put together some activities.
We asked the children of first class to design a poster which reminds people to wash their hands and stay safe. Come inside and look at their creative designs!
Send us photos of your Maths work and we will post it here.
Dear Parents and Guardians, The first class teaching team have put together some activities based on the theme "Planet Earth and Taking Care of the Environment".
First class tell us what they think they would like to do when they grow up.
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