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‘Fáilte romhaibh’

Welcome to all our pupils for the 2017-18 school year.  An extra special welcome to all our new pupils, parents and teachers.  We are happy to have you in our school community.

This proclamation was written by some of our wonderful pupils in 2016.  It is a powerful message that we try to honour every day.






We, the children of Central Model Infants’ School would like to share our wishes for Ireland as we remember the Easter Rising of 1916.  We believe that in the Ireland of 2016, education is important for everyone and will give people the chance to get a job and have a greater quality of life.

We believe that everyone should have a warm safe home and access to fresh, healthy food.

We believe that everyone should have suitable clothes for our changeable weather, and the opportunity to get medical help if they need it.

We believe in an honest Ireland, an Ireland that respects everyone and treats each person equally and fairly.

We want Ireland to be like our school, where we celebrate each person’s culture, religion and talents.  We also cherish our Irish heritage by speaking Irish, and celebrating Irish culture through song and dance.

We want to live in a ‘Green’ Ireland where people do not litter or cause pollution.  We must respect the earth and the food and water it provides. 

We will always cherish our freedom and never take it for granted.  We hope that Ireland remains a peaceful and safe country for all who live here.

Finally, we honour the boys and girls of today who are the Ireland of tomorrow.


Signed on behalf of

The Children and all in the Community

of the

Central Model Infants’ School

Marlborough Street, Dublin 1

Here’s wishing all of us good health and happiness on our educational journey.

Catherine Groves


Room 1 in Malahide Park

We spent a brilliant day together with Ms. Groves in Malahide Park. We explored Malahide Castle and climbed the spiralling stairs to get a closer look at the building! We wandered in the dark forest, discovered some beautiful trees and gathered colourful Autumn leaves.  And, of course, we had loads of fun running around the playground, rolling down hills and playing football!

Autumn Colour Exploration in Room 1

We have been learning about some of the changes that happen during Autumn. We are especially interested in how the leaves change colour. We have been gathering fallen leaves and sorting them in our ‘Exploration Area’. We even made some of our own autumn leaves (they are hanging in our window at the moment!) – we used coffee filter paper and droppers with food colouring to do this – we think they almost look like real leaves!

We looked at and responded to Claude Monet’s painting Sailboats at Argenteuil  and talked about the beautiful colours that the artist used in his autumnal painting. We loved the pinks, browns, reds and oranges. We explored these colours and mixing too. We were working on a big scale which can sometimes be tricky so we started off using chalk pastels – then we introduced paints in primary colours. We saw how they mixed as we added more and more colours and we watched the colours turn brown. It got a bit messy but it was interesting!

Then, we thought it would be a good idea to carry out an experiment to see which colours we can make by mixing other primary colours. We’ve been very busy!


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