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Learning All About France in Room 3!

In Room 3 we have been learning all about France for our International Assembly – we chose this country as Emeline in our class comes from France. We were all so excited to learn about French culture and what it is like to live there.

We were thrilled that Emeline’s Mother came to visit our class this week, to answer our questions about France and to listen to some of the things we have been learning. We were very interested to learn that the food and weather in Dublin is quite similar to Paris but the school day is very different. She helped us practice our words and phrases in French so that we could have short conversations with each other.

At assembly today we had the opportunity to share all of our new French facts and phrases, our songs and artwork with the rest of the school – we loved learning about this interesting country and we hope you all did too!!

Vive la France!!!



Minibeast investigations in our school garden!!!



Our school wormery has arrived in the garden …..check out some of  images we’ve taken over the past few months getting it ready for the worms!!! 

…..the worms are so cosy and comfy amongst the leaves, fruit waste and shedded paper that different classes have prepared for them!!







Check out these worms…… ekkkkk ….. there’s a lots of them hidden inside the wormery!!! 

When we went on a minibeast hunt in the garden .…. here’s what we found! 


our garden is hosting lots of other minibeasts too…. such as slugs, spiders, flies, beetles, snails, millipedes, woodlice and ants!! We hope to spot some butterflies and ladybirds as the weather gets warmer….


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