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Book Reviews in Room 5

We were very excited in CMIS this month when we received a fabulous parcel in the post and found out that Bord Gáis Energy Book Club had kindly donated some wonderful new books to our school. Room 5 decided they would read and review one of their favourite new books; ‘Let’s See Ireland’ by Sarah Bowie. This was the perfect read for Ms. Wimsey’s class who have been learning about all the different counties in Ireland over the past few weeks. In the book Molly embarks on a trip around Ireland with her Mum and Dad (and her stowaway cat Mipsy), they visit some of the most beautiful and famous landmarks in Ireland; from The Giant’s Causeway in the North all the way down to the English Market in the very South of the country. Ms. Wimsey’s class loved guessing which county Molly would visit next and everyone marveled over the stunning illustrations. The class then did up their own book reviews and the results were overwhelmingly positive – 5 Stars all round!!

Thank you Bord Gáis Energy and Sarah Bowie for providing us with this wonderful read!!




Sports Day 2016

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 Active School Flag

  It was Active Week last week and we held the Central Model Infants’ School Sports Day on Friday 17th June.  We organised lots of fun activities for the whole school to enjoy. The activities included soccer, throwing games, skipping and many more. The children really enjoyed the day and had fun being active. After a fun week of activities and exercise we so proud to raise our new Active School Flag.


After lunch we were joined by lots of parents and families as each class demonstrated a certain activity they had done during Active Week. The activities ranged from dancing to parachute games. It was wonderful to see each class showing off the skills they had learned. We would like to thank all the staff, volunteers and parents who made the day such a success. A special thanks to all the wonderful parents who prepared our yummy fruit for each class to enjoy after completing their activity.





 Room 1 carried out a relay activity where they had to find all the jigsaw pieces to make the European Championship Cup.












Room 2 showed us their hurling skills and took turns defending their goals.

DSCF2418  DSCF2419

DSCF2421 DSCF2423




Room 3 confidently showed us how to work as part of a team in their tunnel race activity.   









DSCF2427 DSCF2430




Room 4 really impressed us with their duck walking skills. 





DSCF2431 DSCF2438





Room 5’s dancing skills really gave us all a ‘Good Feeling’. 











Room 6 carried their eggs so carefully to their nest in their Chicken Relay Race. 










Room 7 showed us some fantastic games they learned using a parachute.











Room 8 were so great at passing the ball over their heads and under their legs!









The Treehouse really displayed their skipping skills on Sports Day.













Once all the classes finished their activity some of the parents joined in on the fun. 


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