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Happy Easter

happy easterWe wish all of our friends and families a happy Easter.

Read our Spring Newsletter here.

Spring Newsletter 2017

School re-opens at 9.30am on Monday 24th April 2017

Using Coffee Grounds in Our School Garden.

On a recent trip to a coffee shop, Helen our SNA and gardening extraordinaire had a moment of inspiration. She saw that there were bags of used coffee grounds available for any eco-friendly gardeners who might like to take some home with them. Helen arrived back to school with lots of coffee grounds and with the help of Helder, Adrian and Demi they got to work in the garden.

coffee  coffee coffee

The Green-Schools Committee did a bit of research and we couldn’t believe how useful coffee grounds are for any organic gardeners:

  • Old coffee grounds are one of the best ways to add nitrogen to your compost pile, which is often a nutrient that is lacking in urban composting. Coffee grounds are also rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium all of which are loved by plants!
  • Coffee grounds are also ideal to be added into your wormery.
  • Another frequent use of old coffee grounds is as an organic fertilizer. They can be mixed with water and used as a liquid fertiliser, which is excellent for helping new plants/vegetables to grow; or you can do like we did in our garden and just sprinkle them over the soil to inject some welcome nutrients into your garden.

Whatever you choose to do with your coffee, we hope that you enjoy it!


Spring Term in Room 6

The children in Room 6 have had a busy and enjoyable Spring Term.  One of the highlights of the term was ‘Maths for Fun’ and from the photos below it is obvious that both the children and their parents had tremendous fun.  We finished off the term with an Easter Egg hunt.  That Easter Bunny certainly hid the eggs in the most unusual of places!!  However, the children were able to work out the clues and we all agreed the chocolate eggs were just delicious


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