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Welcome to the Central Model Infants’ School 

Central Model Infants’ School was established in 1859.  It is an Infant school comprising Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Classes under the patronage of the Minister for Education and Skills. 

The Central Model Infants’ School is an inclusive, child centred Learning Community.  Respectful relationships are fundamental to us.  We achieve excellence through high expectations, teamwork and shared leadership.  We aim to nourish and develop each child’s sense of their own self-worth as an individual and celebrate their unique gifts and talents.

Have a safe and happy Halloween

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At Assembly each Friday where we celebrate learning, sing songs and children are awarded certificates for their outstanding achievements during the week.  Click on the Stars to see our Star Pupils.   


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Please show your support for a greener,healthier Central Model Infants’ School by leaving the car at home and walking to school.  There are lots of reasons to walk to school! Read more…


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Happy Halloween from Room 7.

I could not believe my eyes when I went to my line on Friday morning.  The children had transformed and I was greeted by Batman, princesses, vampires, a ‘nerd’ girl, Spiderman, an Air force pilot, a character from cars, a pumpkin and a pirate.  I was a bit scared when I met the witches and wizards but  luckily they turned out to be nice and didn’t turn me into a frog!

Room 7 Learn about Melting and Cooling.

The children in Room 7 were learning all about melting and cooling.  So we decided to do an experiment to find out what happens to a solid bar of chocolate when it is heated.  We found that when heated the chocolate melted and turned into a liquid.  We then decided that we would not waste the lovely runny chocolate, so as we were having a Halloween party we decided to make Rice Krispie buns with the melted chocolate.  The children then noticed that when the chocolate had cooled it had become a solid again.  They also noticed how delicious the buns were!