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Welcome to the Central Model Infants’ School 

Central Model Infants’ School was established in 1859.  It is an Infant school comprising Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Classes under the patronage of the Minister for Education and Skills. 

The Central Model Infants’ School is an inclusive, child centred Learning Community.  Respectful relationships are fundamental to us.  We achieve excellence through high expectations, teamwork and shared leadership.  We aim to nourish and develop each child’s sense of their own self-worth as an individual and celebrate their unique gifts and talents.

 Trick or Treat for Temple Street

A big thank you to the Parents, Pupils and Staff of the Central Model Infants’ School.  We raised €420 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital.


Active School

Visit the Active Schools WebsiteWe are an Active School, dedicated to promoting health and fitness among the school community, encouraging participation for all members.  We promote fitness and health through our physical education programme, healthy eating policy, school yard activites and our after school Be Active Club among other initiatives. We are currently working towards earning an Active School Flag.

 The Be Active Club is organised by teachers with the help of parents.  You can keep up to date with our activities by clicking the link below.


 School Calendar 2014/2015

Click on the calendar icon to see the school school calendar for 2014/2015 and the new Junior Infants’ times.  Parents, please visit the Parents’ Page to view school information and policies.

Pupil of the Week

At Assembly each Friday where we celebrate learning, sing songs and children are awarded certificates for their outstanding achievements during the week.  Click on the Stars to see our Star Pupils.   


School Policies

Please click here to view our Policies, or select the ‘Parents’ page to the left of this screen.


School Newsletter

View or latest newsletter here, or select the ‘Newsletter’ page to the left of this screen to see more newsletters.  Look out for our Summer Newsletter coming soon!


Walk to School

Please show your support for a greener,healthier Central Model Infants’ School by leaving the car at home and walking to school.  There are lots of reasons to walk to school! Read more…


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We post regularly about the fun learning we are doing! Click here to visit our profile.

A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing

Senior Infants were very excited to go to The Ark today to see ‘A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing’. It was a musical theatre production about all things wintry. It had some interesting characters like the brussel sprout monster and the abominable snowman! We loved joining in the singing and listening to and telling jokes at the end of the performance. 

EU Code Week

Following on from EU Code Week, Central Model Infants’ School decided to give coding a try using our programmable toys, BeeBots! 

BeeBot sometimes like to pretend he’s a secret agent. He needs to be able to write and decipher secret codes in order to complete his missions. The children in Senior Infants and 1st Class had a great time writing and following codes for BeeBot. Have a look at us coding below:

If you’d like to learn how to code, you can visit the website

Anybody can learn how to code!