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International Assembly 2016


Italy Brazil Hungary india

Spain Tanzania Slovakia Greece







Can you guess what countries we learned about by looking at the flags? (Scroll to the bottom to check your answers!)


Teachers and children in Central Model Infants’ School celebrated our International Assembly with style!

Our hall was filled with colourful costumes and exotic languages as the children shared all they had learned about their chosen countries.

Did you know:

-That a dragon dance is performed in China for the Chinese New Year?

TreehouseDragon dance


-That Italy is the home of a famous football team and tasty food like pasta and pizza?Spaghetti

Room 6

            Room 6

-That the biggest anaconda in the world was found in Brazil?

Room 7anaconda

            Room 7

-That Indian food can be very tasty… AND very spicy?

Room 1spicy

            Room 1

-That flamenco is a popular form of song, dance and music in Spain? 

Room 3flamenco

            Room 3

-That ‘Simba’ comes from the Swahili word for lion?

Room 2Simba

            Room 2

-That the parents of the famous artist, Andy Warhol, were born in Slovakia?


Room 4

            Room 4

-That Medusa was a monster in Greek mythology who had snakes in her hair and could turn people to stone?

Room 5Medusa

            Room 5

(Answers: China, Italy, Brazil, Hungary, India, Spain, Tanzania, Slovakia, Greece).

Gardening in Room 3

Room 3 have been out in the school garden enjoying the lovely weather we have been having lately. They have planted lots of different crops; scallions, carrots, spinach, lettuce and peas. We have learned about how plants need light, soil and water to grow and have been checking in on them everyday to monitor their progress. As you can see in our pictures they are coming along nicely and we can hardly wait until it’s time to harvest them!

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