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Welcome to the Central Model Infants’ School 

Central Model Infants’ School was established in 1859.  It is an Infant school comprising Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Classes under the patronage of the Minister for Education and Skills. 

The Central Model Infants’ School is an inclusive, child centred Learning Community.  Respectful relationships are fundamental to us.  We achieve excellence through high expectations, teamwork and shared leadership.  We aim to nourish and develop each child’s sense of their own self-worth as an individual and celebrate their unique gifts and talents.


From all the teachers at the Central Model Infants School, we hope you have a happy and safe summer holidays.

We look forward to seeing you back in school at
9.30am on Thursday 28th August 2014.

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At Assembly each Friday where we celebrate learning, sing songs and children are awarded certificates for their outstanding achievements during the week.  Click on the Stars to see our Star Pupils.   


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Please show your support for a greener,healthier Central Model Infants’ School by leaving the car at home and walking to school.  There are lots of reasons to walk to school! Read more…


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1st Class Trip to Dalkey Castle

1st Class had a wonderful day out to Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre for their final school tour in Central Model Infants’ School.

They hopped on the Dart first thing in the morning and made their way out to Dalkey, taking in the breath-taking views of the sea as they went. They even saw Howth!

When they arrived in Dalkey, they spotted the castle by the flag on the battlements. They explored the rooms of the castle and met some past residents. The archer had some fine bow skills to teach them, and the Lady of the castle had some curious treatments for any bad humours the children might’ve been suffering from! After learning how to mint coins and warning off intruders from the battlements of the castle, many were heard to say, “this is the best trip EVER”!

They made their way back to Central Model School via Dun Laoghhaire, where they stopped for a picnic and a go on the playground. There was even a treat of some ice-cream.

Not even the shower of rain, which caught us by surprise as we left the Connolly Station, could dampen our spirits on our way back to school. 

It was a great trip to finish up our time here in Central Model Infants’ School. Now, for the summer holidays! Yay!

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Maths for Fun – Room 5 – Week 2

Room 5 had their last session of Maths for Fun this week. They had great fun playing maths games with some of their parents who came in to help out. At the end of the session all the boys and girls received certificates and a treat. Here are some photos from the day.

Maths for Fun is organised and run by the Home School Community Laisison.