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Welcome to the Central Model Infants’ School 

Central Model Infants’ School was established in 1859.  It is an Infant school comprising Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Classes under the patronage of the Minister for Education and Skills. 

The Central Model Infants’ School is an inclusive, child centred Learning Community.  Respectful relationships are fundamental to us.  We achieve excellence through high expectations, teamwork and shared leadership.  We aim to nourish and develop each child’s sense of their own self-worth as an individual and celebrate their unique gifts and talents.

Pupil of the Week

We have Assembly each Friday where we celebrate learning, sing songs and children are awarded certificates for their outstanding achievements during the week.  Click on the Stars to see our Pupils of the Week.   



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We had a great day celebrating our ‘Walk on Wednesday’ WOW day, celebrating all the hard work our school is putting in to try and achieve our fourth Green Flag for ‘Transport’. There were so many highlights on the day, including Joe the Magician, special helpers from Store Street Garda Station and scooting or cycling around the school yard. The day ended with a celebratory parade around our local area, showing off our ‘blinged’ up costumes and singing our songs and chants. 

Here is a slideshow of the day. Remember…walk to school, it’s so cool! 



We had a great week celebrating book week in our school. All our classes went on a trip to Easons book store on O’Connell Street and picked up our own book to take home with us using our book vouchers. We also invited all our parents and friends of the school to come into our classrooms and read with us. Below are a few pictures from our ‘Reading Morning’. 

 The Solar System

In the treehouse, we have been learning all about Space, Space Travel and the Solar System





We painted the Planets of the Solar System






Did you know….?  

Click on the astronaut to learn some interesting facts about space travel.  Do you know who Laika is?





Build your own Solar System

Click on the globe to start building your own solar system.  When you have chosen your planets, click the simulation button.  If your solar system is just right your planets will orbit the sun or one another.  Need a bigger challenge?  Click here


Which planet has the most moons?  Which planet has the longest day?  

Find out the answers to these questions and lots more by clicking on the solar system image.




Astronomy and Outer Space Games

Click on the star to have fun with puzzles, jokes, colouring and lots of interactive games 

Music in the Classroom.

First Class had a wonderful day at Music in the Classroom.  We got the Number 15 bus to Stephen’s Green.  We then had a walk around St. Stephen’s Green and some of the children made a wish in the wishing well.  After that the children had great fun playing in the fantastic playground.  They were able to climb up the climbing frames and they were so agile on the monkey bars.  They really made it look so easy. When we had our picnic and then we went across the road to the National Concert Hall for Music in the Classroom.  The RTÉ Concert Orchestra just made the music come to life.  The children had a great time trying to identify the different instruments as well as singing and dancing to the variety of songs.