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Maths in the Treehouse.

We have been busy bees in the Treehouse learning about our numbers, shapes, time, and much more.

Stack, Slide, or Roll?

After learning all about 2D and 3D shapes we decided to find out whether our 3D shapes would either stack, slide, or roll. Can you think of any 3D shapes that would stack, slide, or roll? See the photos below which show the different ways that we worked out our answers.

football-roll                thdice

‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?’

We have been learning all about the time over the past few weeks. The boys and girls even made their very own clocks and can now show their o-clock and  half-past times. They were also being extra careful to show the difference between the large (minute) hand and the short (hour) hand when they drew their clocks. We played a fun game of ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf?’ in the playground as an extra treat.




Memories of Malahide Castle.

From the Treehouse to the Castle.


When we look back on this Term, one of the biggest highlights has to be our amazing trip to Malahide Castle and Gardens. 

When we first spotted the castle we felt like we were in a fairy tale! After eating our snack we began to explore the grounds, gardens, and woodland to learn all about autumn. The pupils in the Treehouse collected so many leaves, seeds and small branches that were perfect for our ‘Nature Table‘ back at school. We even found a horse chestnut seed that was still covered in it’s spiky shell to protect it! 

Once we learned all about autumn we then selected our favourite tree and gave it a huge hug for National Hug a Tree Day. Before making our way home we spent some time in the playground with all the other First Class pupils. 

What a fun day!




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