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Mad About Trees!

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The Treehouse were assigned Irish Trees as our topic to study about for Biodiversity Month….I don’t know about you, but I think Ms. Rafferty was being very clever when she chose our topic for us!

We have been so busy over the past few weeks trying to understand just why trees are so important? We’ve had so many helpers on our way working with us to answering this tough question. One helper was Ms. Dowdall who taught us a wonderful drama lesson about a seed that grew into a tree with the help of sunlight and rain. We really enjoyed performing the poem ‘Seeds’ too!

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The boys and girls got a chance to check out all the different types of trees on our ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and one day we even saw a spider climbing down from it. They also learned about the bark of the tree, what the rings stand for and where moss grows. Helen helped us by allowing us to feed the worms some left over apples and other scraps so they could make compost.

Poster competition: 

We all designed a poster explaining why trees are important. Some posters told us about the food that trees give us, others about the clean air they produce and more explained how trees can be homes for other animals and insects. We placed leaves and bark off a tree under our posters and rubbed crayons over them to make our drawings more lifelike. Congratulations to Hong Bo on his win! 

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Building an Ecosystem:

We soon learned that trees are so important, not only for humans, but for all kinds of plants, animals, insects (etc.) in our environment. Each student decided what living thing they would be, so when we found a link between two of these the ball of string was passed on. For example, Mr. Groves was a conker, which came from the horse chestnut tree, and this was home to the robin. Soon enough we realised that we had started to make a web as all our living creatures started to link up in some special way. 

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Botanic Garden Trip Room 4

This month Room 4 have been learning all about biodiversity. We have learned how biodiversity is about all the plants and animals in the world and how we help one another. We have been learning all about Irish Birds; migrating swallows, friendly robins, cheeky cuckoos and many more! Today we visited the Botanic Gardens. Our tour guide showed us lots of things throughout the gardens. We saw lots of birds like ducks, blackbirds, crows, seagulls and magpies. We spotted daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses. We visited the bee hive, where we discussed the important job that bees have. We saw many different types of trees and trees from different habitats; cacti from the desert, banana trees from the jungle, deciduous trees and some very very tall trees! We had lots of fun and learned so much!

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