Active Home Week

Active Home Week

Active Home Week is taking place from April 27th-May 3rd. We are challenging all the pupils of Central Model Infants' School to try out some of the activities on our 'CMIS Active at Home Challenge' to help them get their 60 minutes of daily physical activity. We want you to choose 4 activities each day from our challenge, just like the chart below.


Please click on the links and images below for all the games and activities.



Clap Clap: Practice throwing a ball in the air and catching it. Then try and throw it as high as you can and see can you clap your hands together before you catch the ball. How many claps can you do before you catch the ball?

Centipede Shuffle: Make a bridge with your hands and feet on the floor.Walk your feet into you hands and then walk your hands away from your feet. Now walk the length of the room or garden, turn around and come back.

Superman Leg Raises: Lie on your stomach with your arms stretched out in front. Slowly lift your arms and legs like a flying superhero.Hold for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat as many times as you can.

**Please ensure children are supervised during their use of Digital Technology and when accessing the internet. Try, where possible, to limit your child’s screen-time and avail of suggested activities and resources.

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