Room 8's trip to Malahide Castle

Our first school trip in Central Model Infants' School!
Room 8's trip to Malahide Castle

What a great day!

First, we went to the playground.

Then we had a picnic.

We found pine cones and beech nuts as we walked through the forest.

There were wood carvings of faces and a crocodile!

We met the warden who looks after the park and keeps everybody safe.

The castle was so big! We walked up the steps and looked in the window!

In the hallway of the castle, we listened very carefully and we heard the king talking!

Finally, we played and ran through the beautiful Autumn leaves!

What a magical day!

Can we go to Malahide Castle again?!?

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We are having so much fun in Junior Infants, learning about ocean creatures. Have a look at our video.
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