First Class Writing Gallery

Come inside, stay a while and read our News, Letters, Stories, Poems and lots more....
First Class Writing Gallery

Welcome to the Writing Room

Stay a while and read our News, Letters, Stories, Poems and lots more...


khaled turtle and wolf story.jpg khaled turtle story 2.jpg

Milda Aqualand.jpgkhaled Aqualand.jpg

Milda has written a lovely story about a Starfish below. Read her interesting information on elephants!!

Milda Starfish.jpgMilda Elephant.jpg

Read Belle's impressive facts about the cheetah!

IMG_5653 (2).jpegIMG_5650.jpeg

What makes you happy Peeyush.jpg

Srna Captions.jpgCaptions Kylen (1).jpg

Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 09.15.49.png

Bat song Kylen (1).jpgStory by Peeyush.jpg

Giraffe Srna.jpg

Giraffe facts Srna.jpg

Tazmanian Devil Kylen (1).jpg

Endangered animals kylen (1).jpg

5 things I did this week and dingo.jpg

Milda Habitat acrostic poem.jpg

Milda - Tom and Orla.jpg

Milda - My teacher.jpg

Emeline homophones.jpg

Alphabet animals Emeline.jpg

Émeline plastics.jpg

khaled's homework 5 Runaway Iceberg.jpg

khaled's homework 6 Plastics and envir.jpg

khaled's homework 3 opposites.jpg

Srna Koala Facts.png

Dakota ee sentences (1).jpg

Srna Homophones.jpg

endangered animals dakota (1).jpg

Kylen wrote some interesting facts about Penguins

Penguin Facts illustration. jpg.jpgPenguin Facts - Edited.jpg

Dakota shared this lovely poem "Riding on a Rainbow" with us!

rainbow poem dakota (1).jpg

Dakota a-z of animals.jpg

Acrostic Poems

Dakota Planet Acrostic Poem (1).jpg

Acrostic poems kylen (1).jpg

Peeyush Acrostic Poem.jpg

Blends Flowers

Dakota Blends.jpgPeeyush blends.jpg

blends Srna.pngKylen flower blends (1).jpg

We love your blend flower Belle.

belle flower.jpg

Peeyush enjoyed the story of the Runaway Iceberg

Peeyush book review.jpeg

Art Penguins Peeyush.jpeg

Ansus told us lots of interesting things about Rossi and Gasper the penguins.


Mokshada News (1).jpg

Milda letter 2 (1).jpg

Emiline Writing (1).jpg

Book Report Aoibhinn.jpg

The Ambulance Mishita (1).jpg

Diary of a Vet khaled.jpg

Did you know that the World Health Assembly has designated 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.Aoibhinn wrote this lovely, interesting report on Florence Nightingale and created a story board. Thank you Aoibhinn.

Aoibhinn Story board (1).jpg

FN report.jpgFN3.jpg

If I was a Scientist by Emiline.

If I was a scientist (1).jpg

Kylen wrote a book review on Charlie the Fire Fighter.

A book review.png

empathy (2).jpg

khaled fire fighther.jpg

people who help us (1).jpg

Police Writing Peeyush.jpg

MY Teacher (1).jpg

Kylen My News (1).jpg

Lili Spring (1).jpg

Aadhya wriitng (1).jpg


Milda Writing (1).jpg

Khaled Card.jpg

Kylen Writing (1).jpg

Kylen Writing 2 (1).jpg

Emeline Writing (1).png

In the spring by patryk (1).jpg

Srna poem.jpg


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