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Winter Gardening in Room 3

Helen had some excellent junior gardeners to help her in the garden last week. Macy, Colin & Adam were super at collecting the last of the autumn leaves and putting them into jute sacks, so that they can be used as biodegradable compost come springtime.

It is fantastic to have such enthusiastic and conscientious pupils in the Central Model Infants’ School and it ensures that our garden is always well cared for.

Well done to all involved! 🙂

The Three Little Pigs in Room 3.

In Room 3 we have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have been learning all about materials and their properties in Science and we noticed that there are lots of different materials used for building in this story. 

We decided that bricks were definitely the best material to use when building a house; they are the strongest and would keep bad weather and big bad wolves out for sure!










In Aistear we dressed up as builders and identified all the different tools and equipment we would need to work on a building site. We also designed and built our own homes for the three little pigs and even though we huffed & we puffed we couldn’t manage to blow them down!! 🙂 I think we could have some amazing future construction workers in Room 3. 

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